Thursday, July 21, 2011

GO Weather 1.9.7 ChangeLog

GO Weather 1.9.7 ChangeLog

1. Upgraded the "My Location" feature so that the GPS automatically locates your host city.
2. Reduced updating frequency, which in turn improves cell battery.
3. Other minor bug fixes and UI enchancements.

Because "My Location" is a work-in-progress feature (beta), we encourage you to email to give us feedback on problems you have encountered.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1.9.6 Change Log

GO Weather 1.9.6 Change Log
1. Added "Chinese Painting" widget skin.
2. Fixed "Settings" persistence defects.
3. Resolved crash bugs when starting app.
4. Other minor bug fixes and UI enhancements.

GO Weather "Chinese Painting" Widget

HOW-TO Install:
1. Ensure your phone is running GO 1.9.1 or later, else please upgrade.
2. Go to Google Market, install "GO Weather Chinese Painting" APK.
3. After installation, choose <Main Menu> -> <Settings> -> "Select App Skin> -> <Appearance Settings>, then select "Chinese Painting".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NEW Captain American Main & Widget Skins!

NEW Captain America Main Skin!

Greetings ladies and gents! New main skins will be out for download when you upgrade to our latest GO Weather v1.9.5. A new super-hero "Captain America" themed skin designed by GO Fans has just been released for download. Upgrade and enjoy a larger skin variety! 
Upgrade Features:
-New main skin option
-Main skin presented on the Weather bulletin subtly changes every few seconds.
-The "Captain America" main skin design is complimented with a Widget skin that is also available for download. 
How to install and display new "Captain America" skin:
1. In order to install our new main skin, you need to first upgrade to the latest version of GO Weather v1.9.5. 
2. After the upgrade is complete, search for "GO Weather Captain America" on the Google Market, and download. 
3. In order to have your new downloaded skin on display, click on "GO Weather" on the Main Menu. Select Settings, and then click on "Select App Skin" under the Appearance Settings. Choose "Captain America".
3. We will continue to release a variety of main skins in the near future, so stay tuned! 

NEW Captain America Widget Skin too!

New widget skins will be out for download when you upgrade to our latest GO Weather v1.9.5. A new super-hero "Captain America" themed widget skin designed by GO Fans has just been released for download. Upgrade and enjoy a larger widget skin variety! 

How to install and display new "Captain America" widget skin: 
1. In order to install our new widget skin, you need to first upgrade to the latest version of GO Weather v1.9.5. 
4. After the upgrade is complete, search for "GO Weather Captain America" on the Google Market, and download. 
5. In order to have your new downloaded widget skin on display, open the Main Menu. Select Settings, and then click on "Select Widget Skin" under the Appearance Settings. Choose "Captain America".
3. We will continue to release a variety of widget skins in the near future, so stay tuned!