Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GO Weather 1.9.8 Change Log

GO Weather 1.9.8 Change Log

1. Reorganized App Store theme items so that the items are neatly displayed together within a set on the main menu.

2. New 3D style widget skin

3. New natural-style weather video

4. Added function that allows you to add nicknames to each city i.e. New York City (home sweet home)

5. Fixed a primary bug that prevented the Widget from automatically updating periodically.

6. Fixed some "My Location" bugs.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

GO Weather 1.9.7 ChangeLog

GO Weather 1.9.7 ChangeLog

1. Upgraded the "My Location" feature so that the GPS automatically locates your host city.
2. Reduced updating frequency, which in turn improves cell battery.
3. Other minor bug fixes and UI enchancements.

Because "My Location" is a work-in-progress feature (beta), we encourage you to email goforandroid@gmail.com to give us feedback on problems you have encountered.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1.9.6 Change Log

GO Weather 1.9.6 Change Log
1. Added "Chinese Painting" widget skin.
2. Fixed "Settings" persistence defects.
3. Resolved crash bugs when starting app.
4. Other minor bug fixes and UI enhancements.

GO Weather "Chinese Painting" Widget

HOW-TO Install:
1. Ensure your phone is running GO 1.9.1 or later, else please upgrade.
2. Go to Google Market, install "GO Weather Chinese Painting" APK.
3. After installation, choose <Main Menu> -> <Settings> -> "Select App Skin> -> <Appearance Settings>, then select "Chinese Painting".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NEW Captain American Main & Widget Skins!

NEW Captain America Main Skin!

Greetings ladies and gents! New main skins will be out for download when you upgrade to our latest GO Weather v1.9.5. A new super-hero "Captain America" themed skin designed by GO Fans has just been released for download. Upgrade and enjoy a larger skin variety! 
Upgrade Features:
-New main skin option
-Main skin presented on the Weather bulletin subtly changes every few seconds.
-The "Captain America" main skin design is complimented with a Widget skin that is also available for download. 
How to install and display new "Captain America" skin:
1. In order to install our new main skin, you need to first upgrade to the latest version of GO Weather v1.9.5. 
2. After the upgrade is complete, search for "GO Weather Captain America" on the Google Market, and download. 
3. In order to have your new downloaded skin on display, click on "GO Weather" on the Main Menu. Select Settings, and then click on "Select App Skin" under the Appearance Settings. Choose "Captain America".
3. We will continue to release a variety of main skins in the near future, so stay tuned! 

NEW Captain America Widget Skin too!

New widget skins will be out for download when you upgrade to our latest GO Weather v1.9.5. A new super-hero "Captain America" themed widget skin designed by GO Fans has just been released for download. Upgrade and enjoy a larger widget skin variety! 

How to install and display new "Captain America" widget skin: 
1. In order to install our new widget skin, you need to first upgrade to the latest version of GO Weather v1.9.5. 
4. After the upgrade is complete, search for "GO Weather Captain America" on the Google Market, and download. 
5. In order to have your new downloaded widget skin on display, open the Main Menu. Select Settings, and then click on "Select Widget Skin" under the Appearance Settings. Choose "Captain America".
3. We will continue to release a variety of widget skins in the near future, so stay tuned! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

GO Weather v1.9.2

Bug Fixes
- Resolved network defect when updating weather and searching for locations.
- Fixed Wallpaper Landscape display issue.
- Fixed widget customization problem, pertaining to certain handsets.
- Fixed update problem when adding new locations.
- Improved battery life, optimized widget refresh cycle.
- Other minor bug fixes.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

GO Weather v1.9.1 released

v1.9.1 Enhancements
- Optimized resource loading and option settings.
- Weather video and live wallpaper reflect local date/time
- Added "notification" ticker.
- Added 3 new widget skins.

v1.9.1 Bugs Fixed
- Resolved "Simple Style" widget's no-response when clicked.
- Fixed APK plugin download problem for certain Motorola handsets that doesnt come with Android Market pre-installed.
- Fixed LIVE Wallpaper no-animation defect.
- Resolved GO Weather (Chinese version) not reflecting actual weather data when using LIVE Wallpaper.

Monday, May 16, 2011

GO Weather 1.9

- Deployed new weather data feed sources, covering more cities.
- LIVE wallpaper, videos and themes installed as APK formats.
- Night LIVE wallpaper added.

Bug Fixes:
- Resolved defects related to LIVE wallpaper causing program crashes.
- Other bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GO Weather v1.8 released

v1.8 Enhancements:
- Widget is now theme-able. 2 themes provided.
- User can now select city/location to display on LIVE Wallpaper, Notification Bar and Widget.
- Easily select preferences/settings when adding LIVE Wallpaper.
- Added customizable font size adjustment for LIVE Wallpaper.

v1.8 Bug Fixes:
- Fixed major video display defect on certain low-end devices. Resolved other handsets having "black screen" video display bugs.
- Other minor fixes and UI adjustments.

Tutorial: New Features

1. You can choose widget theme.
- Start GO Weather, select "Settings" and choose "Select Widget Skins".

2. You can change settings when adding LIVE Wallpaper.
- Press on desktop, select "Live Wallpaper", then choose "GO Weather Live Wallpaper", click on bottom-right "Settings".

3. You can specify the location separately for Notification, Widget and Live Wallpaper.
Settings -> Notification & Alert -> Select Location
Settings -> Widget Settings -> Select Location
Settings -> Wallpaper Settings -> Select Location

4. If you have video issues, please try the new Default Videos:
Settings -> Select Background Video, download and select "Default Videos(Remastered)"

Friday, April 8, 2011

GO Weather v1.7 Change Log

GO Weather v1.7 Change Log

- Major performance tweaks and refactoring to enhance battery life.
- New Enhanced Animated LIVE Wallpaper. Watch weather animations on your mobile desktop.
- Customize-able LIVE Wallpaper settings. You can now adjust font attributes and text positioning.
- Adjusts Settings order

Bug Fixes:
- Other minor bug fixes

How-To enable the new animated LIVE Wallpaper on your mobile desktop
- Go to "Settings->Select Wallpaper Theme"

How-To change Live Wallpaper text positioning
- Go to "Settings->Wallpaper Settings->Text Display Position“

Monday, March 28, 2011

GO Weather v1.6.5 released

What's new in GO Weather v1.6.5

1. Change weather data feeds for international cities, providing more accurate real time weather. Applicable only for chinese version.
2. Day and Night videos are displayed based on sun set and sun rise times.
3. Weather data does not show "O" degrees when there is no update from source.

Bugs Fixes
1. Major bugs fixed pertaining to weather videos download incomplete, playback defects.
2. Fixed some crash-related bugs.
3. Some other minor ui fixes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

GO Weather 1.6.3 Update available

- Reorganized UI in settings screen
- Improved resource management
- Added new LIVE Wallpaper display format

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed software update bug
- Fixed "Update All Locations" related defects

- Code refactoring, efficiency to be improved
- More lively and beautiful wallpapers

If you have some advice, welcome to contact us at any time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

GO Weather 1.6.2 Update available

What's New in this update:


1. Chinese version now includes international cities.
2. Improved weather notification display.
3. Enhanced weather widget update frequency, conserve battery life.
4. Add simple display mode for displaying weather info only on lock screen.
5. Add "hybrid" option in units, offers celsius and mph for users in the U.K. and Canada.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed bug related to weather not displaying correct temperature.
2. Resolved weather forecast not displaying
3. Resolved widget not in sync defect.
4. Fixed LIVE wallpaper weather update issues.
5. Resolved random crash problem and other minor bug fixes.

Monday, February 28, 2011

GO Weather 1.6.1 Update available

What's New in this update:


- Weather info displayed on notification bar.
- Alert when battery runs low.
- Improved battery low notification system.
- Notified user on drastic temperature changes.
- Software Upgrade improvement.
- Tweaked widget's time sync and refresh frequency to conserve battery.

Bugs Fixed:

- Fixed network connection related issues with UK/German users.
- Kept old data when updating and refreshing weather.
- Retained preference settings when installing upgrades.
- Numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Get it from the Google Market!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GO Weather 1.6 changelog

1. High-Definition Video download option.
2. Click-able regions on widgets.
3. Improved widget refresh frequency.
4. Option to disable weather refresh; thereby saving battery life.
5. Removed clutter and improved settings and preference screen.

Bugs Fixed:
1. Fixed network and connection related problems.
2. Fixed persistence/storage problem related to preference settings.
3. Fixed widget's "Add a city" bug. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Changelog of v1.5.1

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed bug in 12-hour time display
- Fixed time sync error between app and widget
- Resolved widget does not update error when network is not available
- Fixed bug when saving settings/preferences
- Resolved background weather play error when returning from About page
- Resolved GPS error message correction
- Other minor bug fixes

- Night-time video download option in Settings
- Fahrenheit set as default settings for International version
- Included more chinese cities
- Other minor UI improvements