Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GO Weather v1.8 released

v1.8 Enhancements:
- Widget is now theme-able. 2 themes provided.
- User can now select city/location to display on LIVE Wallpaper, Notification Bar and Widget.
- Easily select preferences/settings when adding LIVE Wallpaper.
- Added customizable font size adjustment for LIVE Wallpaper.

v1.8 Bug Fixes:
- Fixed major video display defect on certain low-end devices. Resolved other handsets having "black screen" video display bugs.
- Other minor fixes and UI adjustments.

Tutorial: New Features

1. You can choose widget theme.
- Start GO Weather, select "Settings" and choose "Select Widget Skins".

2. You can change settings when adding LIVE Wallpaper.
- Press on desktop, select "Live Wallpaper", then choose "GO Weather Live Wallpaper", click on bottom-right "Settings".

3. You can specify the location separately for Notification, Widget and Live Wallpaper.
Settings -> Notification & Alert -> Select Location
Settings -> Widget Settings -> Select Location
Settings -> Wallpaper Settings -> Select Location

4. If you have video issues, please try the new Default Videos:
Settings -> Select Background Video, download and select "Default Videos(Remastered)"

Friday, April 8, 2011

GO Weather v1.7 Change Log

GO Weather v1.7 Change Log

- Major performance tweaks and refactoring to enhance battery life.
- New Enhanced Animated LIVE Wallpaper. Watch weather animations on your mobile desktop.
- Customize-able LIVE Wallpaper settings. You can now adjust font attributes and text positioning.
- Adjusts Settings order

Bug Fixes:
- Other minor bug fixes

How-To enable the new animated LIVE Wallpaper on your mobile desktop
- Go to "Settings->Select Wallpaper Theme"

How-To change Live Wallpaper text positioning
- Go to "Settings->Wallpaper Settings->Text Display Position“